Forensic Engineering

DPC Enginners can help you find the answers that matter most:

What was the cause of the incident? Who, if anyone, is responsible for the cause? What is the extent of damage? What can be done to prevent a reoccurrence? When damage, injury, or loss of life is at stake, you need an expert on whom you can rely.
When disasters or storms strike, the extent and causation of damage is not always readily apparent. Cracks in the foundations of buildings, construction defects, leaking roof systems and framing failures are a few examples of damage that often cannot be adequately assessed without the help of a trained professional engineer.
In determining the extent of damage and a course of action, time is of the essence. Business interruption costs can rapidly spiral out of control, and damage can continue to progress if immediate action is not taken. Davis Patrikios Criswell specializes in rapid accurate response. We assist to determine the nature and extent of the damage whether it is readily apparent or hidden.

  • Our experience encompasses a wide variety of disasters, including:
  • Fires and Explosions
  • Storms, including Tornados and Hurricanes
  • Floods, Wind Driven Rain
  • Lightning
  • Collapse
  • Earthquakes

When a serious disaster occurs and you need professionals who can answer questions and reduce uncertainty, call Davis Patrikios Criswell at +1 (901) 377-9984.